Saturday, June 12, 2010

(There is no) Private Space

Beg your pardon, I stumbled in
Past the "No trespassin' "
Sign out front.
What were you trying to protect? This run-down
Shack you defend
With an idea on rusted steel;
What you lack you pretend
Some distance will heal.
Get real.

As the crow flies it
Throws its glance
On grumpy hills and strolling fields,
On dotlike warriors raising shields
To protect their private space.
Oh you foolish human race!
You do not see the skies
And seas are everywhere blue;
There are no lines across
The surface of your lands.

With three nimble hops
It peered below, calling
From the rooftop, cipher in tow
And flew into the captain's hands.

* * *

(8.38 a.m., 10 June; on the mini bus to Hawaiian Earth Products.)


Mel said...

"There are no lines across
The surface of your landsx"

Nice touch.We draw the boundaries ourselves, don't we? Funny how the debate of the need & no need of boundaries is still relevant.I'm in agreement to drawing of boundaries though ;)

AekS said...

Heyea Ben,
There is truth is what you say...
and maybe it'll be good to send such message across to those over-possessive of land-holdings. I was thinking about Maunka Kea Resort Beach...c:-{)