Saturday, November 13, 2010

Morning thoughts

I had a certain pang of paranoia this morning.

Having not heard for over a week from the guy who usually processes my black-and-white negatives, I panicked for a bit, thinking that he might have run away with my colour negatives. Not that they'd be of any value to him, but such was how I felt for a brief few seconds.

I thought to myself, perhaps the whole operation is a scam. After all, it's not some large established studio or company; it's just based in his house. But given the state of the world and how 'established' and 'stable' corporations are tanking, I'd put my money on the nondescript people who are making a difference.

For all that he has done for me, all that he has provided, if this is a scam, count me in with the scammers.

And then the thought came: what if Jesus was/is not who He claimed to be? Well, if this low-key carpenter from the countryside was a lie all along, then for all that He did and the lives He changed, I'd put my money and my hopes and my dreams with Him.

If Jesus is a lie, I don't know what truth is.

* * *

Welcome home, Nasha.

Barely an hour on Malaysian soil and already so much drama; can't imagine what lies ahead in the weeks to come!


Nasha said...

Being with you guys too long has rubbed off some of the drama-ness on me! ;p

Emmy said...

Nice =)