Thursday, December 02, 2010

A little colour in a bland day

It's been one of those days.

The disappointment after driving through the morning jam. (Nonetheless, it was still the Eucharist.)

The (uncalled for) anger and short-temperedness.

Walking out at lunch.

Deciding to forego something I had looked forward to over the last few days.

(I did enjoy the morning, though. Playing 'Jerusalem' on the piano, sorting out those old books and remembering where it all began.)

* * *

I called it the 'max-confusion' point. It's not really a breaking point, but it's a point where everything is just swirling around too fast and too wildly for any of it to make any sense.

Yet in the midst of all this...

A very kind and thoughtful gesture. It was given as a lunch gift; I am about to have it for dinner.

And then when I got home, I saw this:

Shipped much faster and much more efficiently than it did to Hawai'i back in late May.

Film really never fails.

It never fails photographically, and it never fails to brighten up a gloomy day.


wispofwits said...

It's one ten in the morning, a time when my mind is at its clearest state. As if striking the black & white keys, I typed...your name appeared. Hesitated, clicked, read, scrolled down...and there you are, in the Victorian chair.
Looking at the image staring back at me on my newly bought Nikon (sacrificing a few scrumptious dishes at Zanmai), she looked confused, perhaps a bit scared.
I wonder, if a photograph could really depict a person's heart & soul, convey their mind & thoughts, expose their truest self underneath the layer of skin?
Please tell me.
Only God knows how I feel...
meeting the right person at the wrong time...

wispofwits said...
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wispofwits said...
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