Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So Tse Hwei 'wordled' my blog. Read about it here.

As she describes it:

"It's this thing that analyzes a text, then generates a word cloud, with the words appearing more frequently generated larger than the rest."

If I may add, I think it also prioritises recent posts over older ones.

Here's my blog, wordled by Hwei:

For fun, I did one on Yen's blog:

Ai Wei's:

And Jia Hui's:

(Strangely enough, I somehow remember hearing about this quite some time ago. Strange sense of déjà vu.)


hwei said...


this girl said...

Allow me to enlighten the source of your deja vu:

jiaaaaa said...

i like mine!
it's iso LAB-ish! hehe

Ruth said...

it could be because i told you about it before. the same programme they used to do the shirts for VBS. hmm.