Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Of Ben, Tim and Yen in 2008

In looking through old photos to search for something for a friend, I practically walked through many moments of my life in campus since my first year in 2007. There isn't enough time now to relive each of those memories, but I found a particular sequence of photos somewhat arresting.

Here are two photos from that sequence:

We happened to be around at the Arts Fac at the same time, and Yen was there too. She put us through some poses to demonstrate something she was working on for one of her classes. (This was back when she was Yen Yen the second-year undergraduate, and not Miss Leong as she is addressed today.)

They were taken on Tim's D40 (before he'd acquired his permanent Tamron 17-50mm lens), I think, by Yen.

This was nearly one year before Tim and I would be walking along corridors of a higher power, and quite some time before Dataran Sastera became what it is today. This was also Tim's pre-Crocs era, and back when I was wearing my Timberland shoes, which I now eschew in favour of the simplicity of Hush Puppies and 'kampung adidas'.

But some things haven't changed. Tim is still frequently seen in that same pair of shorts, and I still wear those jeans, albeit faded after all the wear-and-tear.

How much changes in over two-and-a-half years? So much, and yet also, very little!

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this girl said...

Oh it was for my minor elective class, Social Psychology, about first impressions via non-verbal signs.