Thursday, December 21, 2006

String of Words


Hang Tuah. Curry puff. No change. LRT booth. No change. Never mind. Eliot. Echoes in a Pathway revisited. Morning mist. Like early morning intercity train. Nice. Black nail polish. Teh tarik cult? Mr Chan. Bangkok? Stringing notes.

Alison Restaurant. Hakka mee. Super sweet 'teh si'. Ching Yeng working out. Both awake at 6 a.m. For one, because of teh tarik? More Lee Lam Thye. Curse of Golden Corset. 'Stacked cousins' photo. Crooked tooth. Waiting forever. Ching Yeng's. Hang Tuah again. Fake Brylcreem bathroom sink. Bukit Bintang. Information booth.

Starhill Gallery. Belinda at printer's in Puchong. Kenzo on Indulge floor. Only clothes. Expensive. Matching. Match on New Year's Eve? Sofa. Awhile. Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club. No time for Lecka Lecka. Raja Chulan. Crowne Plaza.

High on twenty-seven.

Late. Waiting list. Emily. Confusion. Sivin. Mid Valley. Mid Valley?! Fish and chips. Fish and chips? No way: Nasi lemak 'party'. Strawberry water.

Gula melaka. More than one way to consume. Racial discrimination. Discussion. Friendship. Toilet. Kevin. Amanda. Friends. Skybridge out of tickets. Tickets for MPO New Year Concert.

Park. Kevin and company again. Meet Li-Shia. Wading pool. Wish I had slippers. Photography. Telephoto lens. Rain. Curse of the Golden Flower. Indecision. Decision. Emily joins. Cicakman and Cinta sold out. Movie. Necklace. Exit Emily. Parkson. Bra. Full, three-quarters, half. Necklace found. Concourse stall. Häagen-Dazs. Cookies 'n' Cream. Rum Raisin. Chocolate sauce. Hungry father. Isetan. Bra. Colourful! Wait.

Jam. Cloudspotter's Guide. Nonchalant. Faking only. Sri Petaling. Cheras. Home. Letter. Maybe Turtle-man of Malaysia. Hope.

Together hope.


enilit said...

Awwwww... So schweet! ;)

goldfish said...

You forgot the unromantic black heads =p