Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thoughts on a Party in December

This time, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Meeting up with friends at the end of the year always makes me wonder, where will we all be a year later? Ten years later?

Will the failures and successes matter? Would we have found what we've been looking for?

These ten pictures from Wai Loon's party last night appear in black-and-white, in anticipation and hope that many years hence, we may be able to look back at our time together--not just at the party, but every moment spent together--and laugh and regale each other with our stories once again.

Old friends and new alike, enriching each other's lives in deeper ways as the years go by.

The photos are arranged in chronological order, just because it is a natural way to sequence photos. But it really makes no difference here...

...because smiles and halcyon moments reach across the span of time. Fleeting, yet eternal.

There are no captions; these images speak for themselves. Those who witnessed the moments already know the stories behind each one better than I can explain in words.

Above all, this is not so much a blog entry as a page from the never-ending scrapbook called 'Friends'...

...whom we'll hopefully remember even after settling into lives and families of our own.

Here's to all of us, now, and always.

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