Monday, December 18, 2006

VI boys... only

It's been ages since I went out with a group of guys. No girls, just guys. And yesterday, there were 18 of us in all!

Kuhan will be leaving for the United States come 29 December, so he wanted to meet up with some of us from the VI before that. Here's the lowdown on who's where, doing what:


Vinodhan; University of Nottingham, Malaysia; Mechanical Engineering
Jovan; University of Melbourne; Accounting & Finance
Kuhan; Illinois Institute of Technology; Chemical Engineering
Guruparan; Taylor's College; A-Levels
Pranava; University of Melbourne; Accounting & Finance


Hoong Kit; University of Nottingham, Malaysia; Chemical Engineering
Vincent; post-STPM; bumming around
Teng Sheng; University College Sedaya International; Accounting
Lau; post-STPM; bumming around
Wei Chuen; University of Melbourne; Commerce
Kuhan, again
Alex, Ashan's friend from NS
Calvin; INTI College; American Degree Program
Ashan; post-STPM; bumming around
Kian Ti; post-STPM; bumming around
Ben; post-STPM; bumming around

Not in pictures:

Kishan; currently working in CIMB
Choon Wei; International Medical University; Pharmacy
Kelvin; International Medical University; Medicine

* * * * *

A thought:

I think, in my photography and my writing, that I am much more of a poet than a journalist.

"More matter with less art," Queen Gertrude says to Polonius in Hamlet.

Unfortunately for me, I think that's a pretty tall order I do not easily abide by.


* * * * *

Four months.

And counting.


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seejayel said...

Oooh. That Calvin guy from INTI College Subang Jaya won some 'image-look' thing for some college-magazine (which I can't recall the name). I saw his poster all over my campus. And all over that magazine. Lol.