Saturday, December 30, 2006

Warrior of the Word

My family and I just returned from Port Dickson yesterday. We stayed at the Guoman Resort for four days and three nights. More on that to come.

In an SMS sent at 0005 hours on 20th December, Miss Shanti called me her 'forever warrior of the word with a heart unquantifiable'.

By 'warrior of the word', she meant this:

But it also occurred to me that the phrase could be understood as warrior of the Word:

(this is my pocket New American Standard Bible, the smallest printed Bible I have ever seen)

I may be a writer, a warrior of the written word; but how much more it would mean to be a warrior of the living Word, a soldier in God's army--to be called to serve not just those who can and want to read, but to reach across to all peoples everywhere.

This Christmas, I am reminded that the Word became flesh. To be with us. Immanuel.


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