Friday, April 18, 2008

Copycat across the Causeway

Kai Lee recently blogged on the new Singapore Flyer. You can read it here.

Typical kiasu-ism. :-P

We have Genting Highlands. They must build two casinos.

We have Istana Budaya and the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS. They come along with the Esplanade.

We have the Sepang International Circuit. They must turn their streets into a night-racing venue.

You may be able to beat us at these same old games, O Singapore, but where is your originality?


Kaun said...

but then again, they are the most connected nation in the world, with their currency above us in value. japan too copied the US when they were developed.

curryegg said...

I've received several comments both from Malaysian and Singapore. Some agree the term kiasu-sim, some say they're not interested in competing with Malaysia but international.. some say.... nothing.

Agree with kaun that they're still the most connected nation in the world. that's why there are more and more MAlaysian moving to Singapore. Em... wondering... How can we make things better for Malaysia?

Nop? yes?

SimianD said...

How to make things better for Malaysia?

Stop littering, start investing in clean fuel, get involved in social work, read deeply and widely, teach all children literature and music, stop chasing grades, start talking to strangers.

That's a start, ya think?