Sunday, April 20, 2008

Resuscitated in the Hills

11-13 April 2008: a much needed CPR, in both senses of the word.

CPR in the medical sense to rejuvenate us after a strenuous semester, and CPR in the
Committee Planning Retreat sense to give us a sense of direction in the coming year.

This is the photoblog. For the deeper reflection, see my post on Akouo here.

* * * * *

I wasn't allowed to take photos during the planning sessions, so what follows is a glimpse of what we did during 'recess' and 'after hours'. Enjoy!

We had a good balance of noise and silence; of jam sessions and quiet time. We also discovered that Ai Wei can play drums and Rachael can play the guitar; along with Adelene the pianist and Zach the guitarist/drummer, we have the PKV Exco Band!

The first joke at CPR was that we thought we had to survive on the few packets of biscuits Zach brought up (top left).

Armed with supplies bought by Kim Cheng and Jia Hui, and supplemented by the herb garden next to the kitchen, we cooked up quite a storm, including Maggi Goreng PKV by the girls (top right) and CPR Special by the guys (bottom right).

Once the planning part of CPR ended, we had more normal food: KFC for Sunday's lunch (which Joshua brought up) and dinner at Rumahku, Jalan Universiti which included, among other things, Ginger Soup (bottom left)!

Diving was fun! The pool was some eight feet deep on the diving end, and the platform was just the right height. Here Rachel and Ai Wei show how it's done. ;-)

Not the first time a Joshua crosses a river, only this time the wilderness is a tropical rainforest and not a Middle Eastern desert.

The waterfall wasn't bad at all, but our possible enjoyment of it was marred by the severe leech attacks suffered by some members of the party. Photography was also very tricky owing to the massive spray which incessantly clouded my lens.

On the third day, almost everyone who stayed behind in Bukit Tinggi jumped into the pool. Jia Hui and Divya went down with Kim Cheng after lunch; Rachael was recovering from the leech salvo; Adelene was our photographer; the question is... why didn't Ai Wei take the plunge with us?

We raced in floats and challenged each other's breath-holding ability, besides performing all sorts of zany jumps ('Z' jump, Ultraman jump etc.) from the three platforms.

One such jump was the 'PKVUM' jump. Here we are pictured in formation prior to the jump, which was done in two sets because the platform wasn't wide enough for the five of us.

P - Zach
K - Kee Aun
V - Ben
U - Ann Gie
M - Rachel

The closest we got to a group shot (besides one taken at Friday's dinner, but that doesn't quite make the cut as a photograph). I'd forgotten to take one before Kim Cheng, Jia Hui and Divya left.

It was a long journey downhill to the lodge on Day One, and perhaps a longer journey up to the main entrance on Day Three (being tired and all). But we had to walk as the cars were a little too low to make the journey safely with the extra load.

(p.s. Kim Cheng will say I'm just paranoid, but with all this talk about marriageability and Norbert e-mailing the RBC Ministries pamphlet on marriage to the Yahoogroups, traces of the Marriage Conspiracy are just a little too close for comfort.)

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