Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So we wrote together for Lent 2007

I'm sitting in the computer lab at the Institute of Biological Sciences. Was at the Entangled blog when I decided to visit my blog. So I clicked on my link in the 'contributors' column that would lead me to the Blogger's Profile page.

Alas I found that my blog wasn't listed (I still don't really know how Blogger works in this area) but something else caught my eye. While scanning through the other blogs on which I'm listed as a contributor, I noticed another familiar name. What a small world!

Read on to find out, and as we go along, we shall see how much (or little) some of us have changed over the past one year!

* * * * *

A little over a year ago, Sivin invited me to contribute to a certain devotions guide (whose blog I am referring to throughout this entry). The fruit of our effort can be accessed here. He is still married to one wife, but now has three children!

Alissa is still attending the same church, still studying in the same country. She did very well in the A-levels.

2 Corinthians 4 is still a very central chapter of the Bible in my life. I am presently pursuing a degree in the life sciences, and still a keen photographer and writer. (And I love black-and-white more and more!)

Joan landed a Shell scholarship. 'Nuff said.

Mich seems to be succeeding in sparing herself the mental damage, by using the rest of us as her (indirect) scapegoats. Apparently she is somehow responsible for the transformation of a certain introverted friend of ours into a pseudo-extrovert. (You know who you are!)

SooT still flies with Christianity Air but I think there have been a number of new destinations and his crash landings are now executed somewhat more stylishly. He will soon be boarding a real plane which will take him somewhere far away; he hopes it will not crash. (Actually I think it's OK if it crashes; so long as he's alive to tell the story of an adventure of a lifetime.)

It appears that being a Malaysian Christian in Singapore at this point in time means leading the Varsity Christian Fellowship. Ever the sensible, yet always secretly and unpredictably wild, one.

* * * * *

But the most interesting cameos came from these people, whom I did not realise were in the project until just awhile ago:

Kay Jin, still an aspiring lawyer (whatever that means). I have yet to see him pick his nose, so that must be a good thing.

Still a child of God by grace. Still trying to fit into the shoes of a woman (though the very fact that she never wears men's shoes is a good indicator of success so far). Writer to be, teacher at heart.

* * * * *

Indeed, how the world is small!


Suit Lin said...

Suit Lin likes her shoes. =)

Maybe our paths are meant to cross when we have changed into where and who we are now.

kaun said...


kaun said...

and suit lin.. your hair in the pic looks nice.. =)

seejayel said...

It's funny how we're all connected. :D For Lent then, I invited Kay Jin and Suit Lin to write along, which you happen to know them pretty well now, and Tim happens to be the President for my RBS year! Haha. :)