Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sem 1, 2008/2009: Full-Time

Since I'm heading into the final week of this semester, I think it's about time I tell the story of the last two weeks of last semester. They were some of the most eventful days of my life in UM to date.

3rd Nov

Kaun, Ai Wei, Yen and I went to Starbucks at Jaya One to study. There we stumbled upon Sarah, Uncle Jason's daughter, who was working there then. She treated us to a Rocky Road chocolate-marshmallow cake/brownie!

4th Nov

A view of E311, 3rd Residential College. Chun Hee and How.

Li Ern flew some kolo mee all the way back from Kuching!

Back to Starbucks, this time in SS2.

After a near-sleepless night in McDonald's SS2, we had breakfast in Pelita. And then it was back to campus for my first paper, Advanced Ecology, at 11.30 a.m.

5th Nov

Luke and company sprang a surprise visit on Ai Wei, to celebrate her birthday a few days ahead. That's Luke in PKV's Entangled T-shirt, and me trying out IK's T-shirt, baby-T size.

6th Nov

Ai Wei, Kaun, Poay Ling and I had tea in Coffee Bean Jaya 33 before Kaun joined me and my family for my brother's birthday dinner.

And then Yen had her first that night.

7th Nov

Kaun, Ai Wei, Yen and I (dubbed 'The Gang' by Kok How from day one) had dinner at the underground food court in Section 14. Some of the best satay around.

And then Ai Wei picked up her BenQ compact camera from Digital Mall; Daddy's gift to his 21-year-old daughter.

The first shot taken with the camera. Not the best of first shots (artistically AND technically), but oh well... at least the lens didn't break!

We proceeded to study at the Econs Fac, where we met Shannon, Adrian and Suit Lin. Here's Shannon doing the Joker look with cream from a doughnut.

We had lots of nail polish to add some sparkle to the night (and our fingernails)!

Shannon assumed a variety of postures while studying; this is one of them.

8th Nov

Ai Wei's 21st Birthday celebration. One of my most successfully planned and executed events to date, with a lot of help from Kaun and Yen, and lots of support from the PKVians!

10th Nov

Supper at Wong Kok SS2 with Yoshua and Yen.

12th Nov

A view of D634, 12th Residential College. The sunflower was Rachel's birthday gift to Ai Wei.

The poncho chickenman walked through quite a storm to study at 12th.

14th Nov

Ai Wei came over to 3rd and overnighted at the Bilik Bacaan. Our final papers were scheduled for the next day: her Food Microbiology and my Insect Biology.

15th Nov

How, Prof Sofian (now Dean of the Science Faculty), Shannon and Thary at the entrance of DTC after our final paper.

And then it was off to KL Sentral to meet Kaun and Ai Wei for our journey to Penang!

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~ivy~ said...

One of my best months in uni(and study weeks) ever :) Thanks guys