Monday, April 13, 2009


Where: Sungai Pisang, 12th Mile, Jalan Gombak Lama
When: Tuesday, 16 December 2008 (incidentally, release date of the Premier Schools stamp series)
Who: Hoc Mun, Lordson, Jeff, Justin, Isaac, Michelle, Jeanette, Melissa, Ben

We took the long way to the entrance of the tunnel, getting 'lost', crossing the river twice and losing a tripod.

(Many thanks to Azrul of Syabas, who came to help us along the way.)

The famous double tunnel beneath the highway.

Shutterbugs, clockwise from top left: Lordson, Melissa, Hoc Mun.

It appears wild boar roam these forests: the messy earth next to the walking trail is a mark of their foraging, with upturned roots and a conspicuous absence of vegetation.

An hour from the tunnel and we reached the falls at last!

Procrastinators: the leaders of tomorrow.

It was cold.

'Harry', whose stall was a most welcome sight at the end of our half-day adventure.

(Somewhere along the way, I recognised the leaves/trees along the river. It was then that I remembered I'd been there before, in 2004, for the Board of Chairmen and Prefects' Leadership Camp. To think I could recognise a place by its vegetation!)

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rachaelwong said...

can't believe you hung out with my school friends... ahhahaa...