Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sem 2, 2008/2009: Kick-Off

The year began with two pleasant surprises (and some not-so-pleasant moments) on the way to a little more public exposure than I'm usually comfortable with.


After much hesitation and deliberation, Amos and I decided to contest in the upcoming Campus Elections (in January).

The painting of Amos's banner.

Amos on the campaign trail. Just a little over a year ago, Chern Zhong was doing the same at the now-defunct Science Fac café.

My team and I taking a breather.

Yng Yng and the banner we set up opposite the bus stop at the Genetics and Microbiology building.

The people who made it happen, the 'fools' God used to surprise the world in a memorable 8-1 victory (we were the '1').

My Nominator, Jefri.

My wakil-wakil calon (candidate's representatives); Rydza, Lukmann, Asri, Shikin, Ke Sin, Yng Yng, George, Suzanne, Ann Gie, Chian Ming.

My College contact, Emi.

My behind-the-scenes team; Kaun and Kang.

My transport and behind-the-scenes manager; Yen.

My indefatigable Campaign Manager, wakil calon and Seconder, Ai Wei.

* * *

In 2007, Amos and I tore banners and manifestos down... This year, we put them up.

Some of the scriptures that followed me throughout the campaign: Matthew 23; Exodus 32, 4:11; Psalm 139:16 (was it Ann Gie who pointed this verse out?); Job 39:11, 40:11, 41:11 (God's reply to Job was my devotional text during the campaign).

Songs like Rebecca St James's 'Lion' and U2's 'Walk On' were a great encouragement.

At some point, during or after the campaign, I wrote this:

Break me, Father, bury my sins
Let them rule over me no more
Purge me in fire, purify me within,
And restore in me your image as before.

I am currently holding office as the Treasurer of the Student Council.

Lord, you have your 10 per cent; one of ten Supreme Council members, one of ten Bureau Chiefs, four of forty-one Councillors.

* * *


And then in February, I was presented an award at the College's 'prom night', Malam Anugerah Kurshiah at the Summit Hotel, USJ.

Ben and Andrew; what's with black suits and white neck-huggers?

I forgot to reposition the flash unit when Jee Haw shot this. As a result, the flash bounced off the nearby wall, reflecting its woody colour on the picture. It was one of the most serendipitous accidents I've ever seen.

Receiving the award for Overall Excellence (Second Year).

The Bananas of 3rd College.

Rydza and gang, after the dinner. Rydza actually made that costume himself!

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indefatigable is an overstatement :) but oh well, i learnt a new word :P Thanks, Mr. candidate.