Sunday, September 06, 2009

August Highlights

It has been an eventful August, ending with a bigger bang that when it began. I won't say very much; the memories are vividly imprinted in my mind, and that is enough.

* * * * *

Dr Elisabet Sahtouris.

The surprise call from Dr Zeeda, incidentally on my birthday, really made my day (and the weekend).

Naufal, Zulfadli, Amir and Rydza. The truth about biologists.


The red guitar.

Morning at BLC.
Lunch with Moh Foong and Ee Chia at Lucky Garden.
Kaki Blue at KLPac.
Dinner at Dome.
Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the DFP.

Days don't get much livelier than this.

Ai Wei.


The future Professor Ruzaini Fikri.

When the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima. Hands frozen forever.

(The exhibition on the atomic bomb is still on at the Museum of Asian Art, University of Malaya, till sometime in October I think.)


(Kaun and I very much enjoyed the moment!)


Nearly four hours over noodles and Chinese tea. ;-)

Interviewed by four TESL students from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Fun in the seaweed class.

Sunstar in Section 17.

Day market in SS2. I liked the lighting.

Phycological Phun; saw this in Prof Phang's lab.

Go ahead, click on the picture for a bigger view and follow the instructions!

The PKVians celebrated Eun Chong's birthday at Upekka.

Eun Chong and Poay Ling... with Kaun in the background.

(The giant pink gym ball was Shannon's idea.)

Umbrellas and a 'mushroom'.

This is what happens on a drizzly evening when the National Monument (Tugu Negara) is closed.


But I daresay days 1-30 of August did not at all predict what would happen on 31 August 2009.

Coming soon!

* * * * *

All pictures by Benjamin Ong, except the PKV group photo by the Aunty at Upekka.


Kaun said...

love the last photo of the chess set. Wish I could have gone with you all too =)

Adrian Benjamin Lim said...

how i wished my august was as colourful as urs..

I certainly miss my colourful times at UM...