Monday, September 28, 2009

On blogging

I was drafting a reply to Lish's comment on my last entry, but then it got a bit too long for a comment (by my standards) so I decided to turn it into an entry on its own.


Someone once said that a blog is like an online diary. If I kept a real diary, this is very much how I would have written in it.

I recently found myself leafing, I mean, scrolling through entries I'd written in 2005 and I remembered many of those moments vividly. For those I could not summon to memory, I asked some of those who had a part in them, and it did not take too much effort to pin the now-obscured meanings down.

Indeed, I won't remember every experience, but that's not the point of blogging. If there's anything worth remembering forever, God will remember it for me and I shall collect that memory when at last I look upon His face.

As I recently told Aunty Sheila, my blog is not a portfolio (and for that matter, neither is it a pulpit). It is kept, not to draw visitors or get a point across or share ideas or champion a cause (though these may find application through the blog), but to serve as a place of rejoicing and thanksgiving, of ranting and trying to make sense of things.

Think of it as leaving a trail of footprints in a forest. Each entry marks a place I've been, or things I've done; a fragment of time frozen forever. And as far as a blog/diary is concerned, I think it matters little more than that.


Lish said...

Youknow what? Right after I submitted that comment, my spidey senses tingled (takde kena-mengena) and I already expected your answer to be like this. Well, not 100% this way or I'll be some kind of prophet haha, but yeah, the tone of it was what I expected.

To reward myself, i shall finish the last muffin sitting on my table =D

Cheers to vague memories! =D

Valerie said...

to your last paragraph... that's why my own blog is named 'fragments of mind' =D

though I don't rant so much... try not to have negative posts so that when I look back, it'll only be happy thoughts...