Friday, September 25, 2009

So I told Doulos...

Yeah, it's late, I know
But it's one of those nights.

The body is weak
But the mind is alive
And the thoughts won't go to sleep.

* * *

It's been quite a day; unusual, hectic, challenging, fun, and full of experiences I haven't had in quite a while (and some I've never had before).

Creativity increases exponentially to the number of heads in the picture.

Cupcake. Failed alarm clock. Forgotten photo shoot.

Lights out. The world all over the floor. RM 3.00 only.

Passages and windows. Baguz disaster. Walking books.

Halogen lamps. Strange pincers. Japanese and Bangladeshi.

Starbucks. Long wait for the journey home. Preparations.

* * *

It is now the 25th of September.



Ai Wei.


Kaun said...

Kaun Tan likes this post.

Lish said...

You blog in imaginary point forms, only understood by yourself and those others in individually-created circles.

Will you remember every experience those point forms when you re-read it 20 years later?