Monday, August 09, 2010

Every Which Way

Every door is open, come on in
The dawn is breaking, the day begins
Some nights stopped by cops
Drinking too much your world is spinning
Lonely walk on the top
Slowly losing touch, you keep on winning.

Lemons, limes and roses
A tonic for these disco days
Glassy ices and miniature poses
Dancing, swirling in a daze.

Flashes of brilliance, midnight pirouette
Down into the dark, green grove
A mob in a dance, moving moves
Across a dim-lit park, exit stage right
You're off the set.

Do you want to take the dive,
Down into the unknown archives?
To engage your future you must embrace the past
(I know it's hard when everything is going by so fast.)

Or hide amidst leaves of grey,
Journeying to the days when those rails still rattled;
Rattled and shook when the train burst onto the scene.
Inception, an idea in the rain --
What is real when all has settled,
How do I mean to say what I say to mean?

The jailer locked him in and threw away the key
But the soul wins when the soul's set free;
Turn away, walk away
Walk this way, walk which way
You will walk.

Walk with me.

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suitlin said...

I like your poems :) this especially.