Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesterday morning

While the family was downing roti canai and papaya with lime, guess who came to breakfast on the periwinkle:

None other than...

Mr Caterpillar!

Halfway through a leaf. It practically finished the entire leaf within five minutes.


Mr Caterpillar's even fatter friend was also spotted lurking around in the garden.

A sense of scale; those are my sister's glasses.

By their powers combined, these two have decimated more than half of the periwinkle, leaving in their wake droppings that resemble fertiliser pellets.

* * *

On another note, moving has not been easy. This week, we're finally moving over the rest of the stuff from the old house; things like all the remaining books, clothes and miscellaneous items.

It's really quite a lot, and since returning from the States, I'd been all excited about starting a 'new' life and leaving the past behind. This week (and we're halfway through) has been, in such context, a regression of sorts.

But along the way I discovered that we still kept my old stuffed Basset Hound, PP, whom I'd just been thinking about the other day. Thinking that my parents might've given him away or something, and wondering where he now was.

And I also came across that box which I was supposed to safe-keep for an ex-girlfriend.

I don't know; maybe some things you just can't leave behind.

* * *

The path ahead is as hazy as ever, though the options are becoming a little clearer.

1. Take the obvious, well-supported and well-resourced path, but one which I do not enjoy and find little satisfaction in.

2. Take the path that will help me support myself and my hobbies, but which will leave me little time to actually enjoy this post-graduation respite.

3. Take the path I never imagined considering until sometime a year ago, the end of which is unknown and barely guessable, but which may just put perspective and purpose into what has all this while been a side (though some might think otherwise) passion. The costliest of the three, and the least predictable.


siedne said...

The least predictable one, of course, because you know it's gonna be an exciting and rewarding (monetary or otherwise) experience, no matter what!

Lish said...