Sunday, August 15, 2010

Revelationary Saturday

When I awoke yesterday, it occurred to me that the problem with the present decision-making process is that I have been asking the wrong question.

I have been asking, "What do I want to do next?" instead of "What do I want to achieve?" or "Where do I want to go?"

At the Friends in Conversation lunch, it was suggested that it is easier to think of tasks than outcomes.

(It was great to meet the likes of Kia Meng and Yew Khuen after such a long time!)

Visiting an exhibition by the late photographer Caecar Chong, I was led to ask myself what I would want to leave behind when I die.

Over dinner with the Chows, the topic of Steve Irwin came up, and how, in spite of his (relatively) short life, he redefined zoology for such a wide audience.

And then we talked about epitaphs on the way back to UM.

So I'm going to start asking myself the question I should have asked myself long ago. And then maybe the path will be clearer.

Indeed it was a 'revelationary' day in many ways.

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