Saturday, September 18, 2010

Captain Awesome

Captain Awesome, of awesome fame
I need three lions and a hyena tamed;
I'll be right there, he says, for you.
When stars collide
Or if your dog's just died,
He answers when you call his name.
To break a wall
Or break your fall,
He'll be there by your side.
No need for sonic beams or laser eyes,
For Captain Awesome the all-wise
Nothing is too big or small.
Come emo night or dreary day
Who do you call to light the way?
Who but Captain Awesome? No big surprise!
Oh Captain Awesome, my number one,
Riding with you is so much fun;
Come awhile and play
With me. I kinda miss you
Ever since we left the zoo;
Captain Awesome, come and stay!

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Emmy said...

Aww.. =)