Friday, September 03, 2010

September the Second, Twenty-Ten

An exhausting day. So many meetings, so much to think about.

From the morning with En Mahbob and Dr Nor Edzan, to lunch with George.

From the meeting with Dr Aziz to the drive into town, and tea/dinner thereafter, with Nasha.

From hanging out with Yen and Kaun (after a long time) and watching Toy Story 3 at Firdaus's birthday bash, to driving home alone on a nearly-empty petrol tank, pondering the events of the day and getting ideas for Saturday.

From a phone call for yet another job, to that phone call which makes everything else seem insignificant.

And now, here. With so much to process, I think a night's rest will do me a whole lot of good. (Not that there's much of a night left, but it was good planning Friday night in advance!)

* * *

I seldom include pictures of myself in my posts.

With the future ahead...

And my roots, my background, my foundation in place...

Why not take time out...

Make exciting detours...

Choosing collaborators and projects wisely...

Knowing some things you just can't leave behind; some trees you just can't not climb...

Perhaps then I will be transformed enough for what lies ahead.

I owe so much to Aeks for initiating the visit to the Red Dirt Shop in Waikiki. I thought nothing of it until the moment we stepped inside, and I realised just what a treasure it was.

(Photo 1 by John Cusick. Photos 2 and 6 by Aeks. Photos 3, 4 and 5 by Nasha. Photo 7 by Mosha.)

* * *

"These are some big ideas." - Bono, U2 Go Home: Live at Slane Castle

I fought fate, there's blood at the garden gate
The man said childhood
It's in your childhood

-- U2, 'Out of Control'

Recently, someone (I cannot remember who) gave me a link to a heartwarming animation about the difference between childhood and adulthood. It went something like this:

When you were younger, you had creative ideas. And you were afraid of nothing.

Now that you are older, you are still creative. But you fear so much more.

Is RM8,000 enough to raise the dead?

Is RM10,000 enough for the road ahead?

Here we go!

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