Sunday, September 26, 2010


Graduating brought with it only one kind of freedom: the freedom from being nagged by parents about studies. I suppose graduating with First-class Honours and the Royal Education Award nailed, sealed, soldered and forever secured this freedom for me.

But then that's about it.

I miss the freedom that came with staying on campus. The freedom to return to College at any time in the night, the freedom to leave College at any time in the night.

The nights with Kee Aun back in first year, and the first half of second year. The nights with George early in my third year. The nights with Tim.

Now it is much more difficult to do anything. Student privileges no longer apply; stuff like discounts and the opportunity to join certain competitions. And because I now drive a lot more, those crazy drunken nights are but history.

So much for freedom.

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seejayel said...

Ben, why were all your memorable nights spent with ... Kee Aun, George and Tim? The similarity between the three names is clear. Tsk tsk.