Friday, September 17, 2010

This Malaysia Day

My idea of celebrating occasions like Merdeka and Malaysia Day, is to meet friends up for meals in old and/or historical corners of town, and plot random trips to old and/or historical places in and out of town.

And sometimes it's just about being immersed in a place, in any place, together.

* * *

Newly-painted walls, in colours three,
Smile their primary colours at you and me.

Rapid KL bus passes the 'new kid' in town,
KL Tower peeks from the background.

The old KFC and A&W, they've been around forever;
Since the days my Dad was as old as me and you, nay, younger.

Red and white on copper-maroon walls,
You're out of sight if you don't stand tall.

Lunch at the Coliseum, a slice of living history,
Topped with a glass of freshly-mixed shandy.

Random trips, like children building ships to outer space,
Guess where we went! (You know this place.)

A ticket for the train south; still plenty of berths,
With a student discount for all your money's worth.

Waiting at the platform for the train to come and go,
While the flag floats gently upwards as the wind so subtly blows.

Every station has its own story, tells its own fable,
From the shape of roof and floor, to seats 'round a table.

A perfect day, a perfect sunset,
But though we won't always be here to stay,
There'll be more adventures yet!

* * *

Sunset picture by Suit Lin.

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