Monday, June 20, 2005


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A little random piece. I'd intended to write something in prose, but one or two words sounded poetic, so I changed my approach.

This isn't poetry. It's just words strung around, non-prose. My feelings. Exactly as I felt when composing my latest TM Squared entry here.

City of Darkness

Sin, I was enjoying every bit of you,
Every morsel of pleasure and depravity
Deprived of the goodness of God,
Warped and twisted in the dance of evil,
When the call came.

The call
From a friend, whom I did not expect.
Round and round out of the abyss
Was I pulled, reeling from the shock,
Resting in the sanity that had spread
Its wings on me.

I'd turned from the dark side
Too many times already;
He knows me, and yet he calls me
His son.

The sunrise that draws the sinner
Is brighter and warmer than when it
Falls on the good.
It is also scorching, and painful.

Waves that fall do not refresh
That which is evil. No, mine is a baptism
Of fire, in which the water stinging
Will no longer sting.

As I draw nearer to the water's edge,
Preparing for the plunge,
I feel the might of sand bid me to stay;
But I am not he whose feet are covered
In the white powder of earth.

I am the kite, unfettered
Free to fly, to go where the wind may lead.
At times I tie myself to security
But the rope merely snaps, a loose cord it is.

Bono says,
Who's to know what it is will break you?
I know
It is God, the judge who will burn me
Who will send me into hell
And redeem whatever is left.

And the flame and the wind
And the kite and the bird
And the soul and the saviour
Are one.

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