Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Up Close and Personal

montage close-ups
Originally uploaded by mincaye.

Some of the most successful invertebrate shots in my collection.


The common beetle (still haven't identified species) at the Pinggiran Pelangi Camp, resting on Heikal Pinto's hand, with his face in the background.

His glasses simply enhance the 'blurred' background, contrasting the sharp foreground which is accented by the beetle's shiny body.


Dad took this shot. I found this rather large crab along the beach in Kuantan. Probably a male, as its pincers are of unequal size (usually one is larger to attract females).

Picking it up was easy and fun; after the experience with the spiky-legged beetles at camp, I learned that the best way to pick up an arthropod is by gripping the sides of its body. However, I wouldn't dare try this method on a scorpion!

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