Friday, June 10, 2005

Something like a wish list

The following is a list of books I've shortlisted for reading this year. I certainly won't be able to finish some of them within the next few months, but I intend to explore all sooner or later.

For some of them, I've indicated the price and where I plan to buy. If anyone reading this knows of cheaper sources, I would be grateful if you could drop a comment to this entry.


p.s. I've also marked with an asterisk, books I'm extremely keen on reading.

Gary Chapman
The Five Love Languages [Glad Sounds]

Alan Reynolds
Reading the Bible for the Love of God [Glad Sounds]

Dallas Willard
Spirit of the Disciplines [Borders]
*Hearing God [Borders]

J. Oswald Sanders
Spiritual Guidance (d'NA assignment)

C.S. Lewis
*The Four Loves (RM 40) [MPH/Borders]

Conrad Gempf
*Jesus Asked (RM 30+) [Glad Sounds]

Henri Nouwen
*The Way of the Heart (RM 40) [Kinokuniya]
*Behold the Beauty of the Lord (RM 50) [Kinokuniya]

Dante Alighieri
The Divine Comedy (RM 71) [Kinokuniya]


Sivin Kit said...

I think you can get Willard's books in SUFES cheaper than Borders.

If you don't mind cheaper paper prints, then check out the St Paul's Catholic bookstore near SUFES - opposite Jalan Gasing Chapel.

enilit said...

Aunty Toong Yin told me that Nouwen's books are available at St Paul's as well.

If you don't mind digging, perhaps you could make your way up to Penang's Chowrasta. =)

Btw, isn't it Sander's Spiritual Leadership?

yen said...

yeah, ben. it's "Spiritual Leadership", or am i terribly mistaken?