Monday, May 15, 2006

Of Watches, Words and Weirdos...

On Thursday, 11 May, I gave Li-Shia her present. After opening it, she said I seemed to have a halo above my head. Apparently, it's still there today. Come to think of it, she also looks angelic in the photo above, probably due to the beautiful lighting in the Editors' Room.

So, what was in the box? The montage above is a strata-by-strata look at the contents. On the floor of the box was the Swatch, planted in lavender potpourri. Above it was a framed photo of Li-Shia (the classic dandelion one that's somewhere on this blog) on a bed of cotton. On the third level was a list of notable 13 May events in history, a CD including Haydn's 'Clock' Symphony (the one she heard performed by the MPO and fell in love with) and a card with a photo of her on the cover. Finally, the topmost layer contained the essay I wrote on 'Balanced Education' for the MUET trials (Pn Jaya gave me full marks for it) in a sea of assorted Hershey's Kisses.

To date, I have discovered seven Swatch-owners in my form. Five of them are (clockwise from top-left) Denise with the 'star' piece she recently received for her birthday, Phak Hoe with his Handwerker (from this year's Spring/Summer Collection), yours truly with a limited edition Olympics 2004 Swatch Irony, Yin Ching with a colourful Swatch she acquired some six years ago and Wilson with his Once Again from the Swatch Core Collection.

The other two are, from left, Lik Wen (he changed the strap) and now, Li-Shia with her Lovely Lavender from the latest Summer Collection. The watch on the right is my other Swatch, From Russia with Love from the James Bond commemorative collection.

Today was somewhat interesting, photographically speaking. That's a shot of me and Kian Ti wearing our neckties early in the morning; we happened to be standing next to each other, with our ties in the same position. Thanks Li-Shia for taking the photo. The other picture is of Suzanne and Li-Shia. Looks like Suzanne the Tomato has turned into Suzanne the Pumpkin!

Later in the morning, while waiting for the other students to clear the canteen after recess, I scribbled on her arm various words relating to the presents I gave her.

After a dramatic 'sinking' episode with her driver's window where we parked, next to the horticulture room, we eventually returned to the Form Six block and walked to the canteen from there. We were technically off from school today (due to MUET speaking tests, final day), and so had freedom to visit the canteen anytime we wanted to.

The scribbles began with Li-Shia writing 'Thank You' on my hand with Jian Ting's Faber Castell pen (I think it's the sort used to write on overhead projector transparency sheets), and me replying on hers. Below is a close-up of her Lovely Lavender which is, to me, more than worthy of its name.

p.s. Twelve chapters of Maths down in four days. Now to attack twelve chapters of Chemistry within three-plus.

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