Friday, October 31, 2008

Deepavali by Maxis

Mum pointed out to me this delightful (newspaper) Deepavali advertisement by Maxis.

It was refreshing to read something thought provoking for a change. Not that festival advertisements have not been thought provoking; there have been great graphic masterpieces in recent years, but this was built on dialogue, and what a clever little piece!

* * * * *

How do you unravel a murukku? I asked my mother.

Her eyes rolled heavenwards as a soft, tender sigh escaped her clenched lips: 'Kirukku payale.'

I was relieved when she laid the ladle down before turning to me.

'Have some oomapodhi', she said.

It just gets better, I thought.

'Is it tasty? Now, take just one. Not one handful! Katrika! Just take one little one, a strand.'

And I did, being suitably well-trained.

'How does it taste?'

Can't taste a thing, I replied.

'Because, alone, it is insignificant. But, put it together with more strands, and what do you get?'

Oomapodhi, I said.

'And why do you think we serve this on Deepavali when guests visit?'

A tiny light shone in my head. Erm, because celebrations are something to be shared -- as in the more the merrier? I asked.

'Clever boy.'

So, how do you...

'Everything is intertwined and interconnected. Go water the garden.'

That was years ago. I finally put away childish things and became a man. And I no longer wonder how to unravel murukku. I know better.

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