Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visiting d'NA 2008

Visited d'NA twice this year. Accompanied Sivin when he gave the lectures on Church History, and made a second appearance at the Graduation.

It's been three years since I last spent a night at STM, and the place hasn't changed, except that campers these days seem to be a lot more sensitive to the segregation of the sexes in the dorms. Or maybe my batch was just an exceptionally naughty bunch of nerds!

Night discussions are as popular as ever, and Sivin had a very engaging one with the d'NAers.

Return of the Divine Conspiracy! Oon-Hui actually bought it, and it reminded me of the stuff SooT and I did back in 2004. I'm still supposed to write a review on it for Michael.

Elisabeth dropped by with her sister; they would fly to Australia the next day for a family holiday.

This year's graduates: Joanna, Valerie, Cang Ling, Daniel and Elise.

Michael, the reason why d'NA was so different this year. He claims he just gave them a slightly firmer-than-usual talk on one of the nights, but apparently it was enough to spark a revival of sorts at camp!

Uncle Jason roped me in to help with the cover artwork of an Scripture Union devotional. I asked for the assistance of fearless d'NAers. Cang Ling asked, "How dangerous is dangerous?" and I said, "Broken bones, maybe." He answered, "Okay!" And then I received a similar response from Oon-Hui, after Valerie declined for fear of heights.

The monkeybars didn't really work out, so we tried the see-saw instead.

I got Oon-Hui to show her face--and a 'happier' one at that--simply by asking, "What makes you laugh?" and "What tickles you?"

My invaluable 'backstage' team: Yee-Hsien and Alissa who helped stabilise the see-saw.

Uncle Jason and the photoshoot team. In the background a Bauhinia blakeana tree is flourishing next to the monkeybars, spreading its branches over it; just three years ago it wasn't even noticeable from on top of the monkeybars.

Alissa took this; I like it!

Alissa on monkeybars.

Michael's flattened banana; he accidentally stepped on it!