Wednesday, July 06, 2005

End of the Orientation

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After a whole week of staying back in school, the orientation for the Victorian Editorial Board is finally over! (In case you're wondering, it's called Victorian after the name of my school, Victoria Institution).

It was very much a sense of relief for us, and I recall C.S. Lewis' words in The Screwtape Letters, which I paraphrase here as I remember:

"It gets harder and harder, and then it's over. The tooth hurts more and more, and then it's out. You die and die, and then you are beyond death."

Truly, the darkest hour is before the dawn, and although the orientation got harder and harder (the four of us who are 'true Victorians,' i.e. were in the V.I. from the start, would always be punished if the other members screwed up), I daresay today's session was not as bad as I thought it would be.

God did send grace; I prayed for it, yes, but it was still amazing. I did not expect grace of such a magnitude.

While walking to my piano teacher's house just now, it dawned upon me that this might've been the grace that carried Jesus through the suffering -- not a grace that removes pain, or makes us invincible, but one that enables us to go through it all without giving up.

Anyway, in the photo, clockwise from Left: Jinq Sien (Jino), Tinesh (Toch), Suzanne, Li-Shen, Debbie, Jeniffer, Asvini, Punitha, Amy, Siti, Keeshoore, me and Lik Wen; Jino, Toch, Lik Wen and I are 'true Victorians.'

The inset is a shot of our Editor-in-Chief after he had some of the celebration cake (which can be seen in the group photo).

Not in the picture, are Denise and Mogana, who had to leave early.

A General Meeting will be held after school tomorrow, which will be attended by all board members, across the fourth, fifth and sixth forms.

And beyond that, I look forward to Mrs Chang's pre-exam student recital/concert on the 17th.

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