Wednesday, July 13, 2005


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Sitting, L-R: Ronald, Wei Lun, Lik Wen, Ka Fai, me, Wilson, Ameer

Standing, L-R: Shyan, Amy, Li-Shen, Vern Ming, Zamil, Tristan

Standing right on top: Chen Hung

This was taken yesterday, on the first day of photography week. After shooting all the classes slotted for the day, i.e. Forms One, Two, Three, Four and Lower Six, the few of us working on-site took two group shots: one serious and one whacked-out.

I like this crazy pic. Reminds me of all those random d'NA pictures; very organic, very real -- captures the moment much better than anything else (with the exception of video... though this point can also be disputed).

Sometime during school today, and on the way back from piano, I realised that without God, I lost all sense of who I am. I can run from him up to a point, and then I can run no more, for I will no longer exist.

While on the phone with Tee Ming, it occured to me that if anyone were to ask why I believe in God, and/or why I choose to follow him, my answer will not be based on science, history or any fact or proof.

It will be more like something Soo Tian said some time ago: "It's either I cling to him or I sink into nothing." My answer will likely be along the lines of, "God may be a lie, but a life without God is an even bigger lie. So there."

Steven Curtis Chapman's words, written in 1997, came back to me again and again;

So where else could I go?
For I am found in You

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Paula said...

This photo shows so much life and I hear the word 'glee' inside of me wanting to come out. Everyone seem so natural with one another. Thank you for sharing it.