Sunday, July 17, 2005

Two sides of the same coin

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For a very very long time, Soo Tian and I rarely ever disagreed about anything; that monotony was broken today at Sungei Wang after the Putrajaya Reunion at Sam's.

Our 'debate' revolved around the issue of piracy. Soo Tian doesn't mind it; I'm against it. I realised, later on, that it was an argument that neither would win, simply because good can come out of piracy as much as the 'lawful way' can become a hotbed for evil.

I mentioned, somewhere in the midst of our heated conversation, that anti-piracy had somehow 'become' me. Much like how a Jew would by default not write the name of God, it is my default to go original.

On the way back, while walking across the Imbi Monorail station, it occured to me that some actions are not driven by purpose; they just are. Perhaps that is why the 'purpose-driven' ideology has never quite settled into me; because of this:

God did not have to create the universe and all in it. There was no purpose, no motive. Or maybe there was, but it wasn't that purpose which impelled God to create, and it isn't a purpose with which we should be too concerned.

On another note, we did make an interesting discovery, as a result of following Hwei Ling into a tattoo parlour (she wanted to get a labret thingy for a friend).

A lot of the tattoo designs were downright satanic, and there were some pagan statues on the desk. Soo Tian asked, "What is it that we are truly afraid of?," at which point I suggested that maybe we avoid such things not because we fear them, but because there is nothing praiseworthy about them.

There is no point encouraging something with zero (or even negative) value. Sin is not just doing something wrong; it is also the absence of good, the absence of that which is worthwhile -- in other words, idleness.

The reunion was great, and very intimate. Perhaps I will blog about it another day, if I have the time.

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hi ben, i sent an email to your yahoo account..just not sure whether you're using it..gave it to me 3 years ago.
jasmine (from kopitiam)