Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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This is Amy's camera. OK, Amy's father's camera. She left it in school today, in the Victorian Editorial Board's (VEB) room, when she went for choir practice. Upon reaching home, she searched her bag and found it devoid of this priceless possession.

Christina identified it before I left the room, and it was decided that I would take it home and keep it safe. Chin Fei saw me take it.

Later, Grace called me to ask if I had the camera, and I said I did. Amy also called to confirm.

However, while chatting with Lik Wen later on MSN, I took the liberty and played a prank, saying I had a camera with a totally different brand name. Troubled by this, he called Chin Fei (Chief Editor), Grace and Amy.

I later found out that Chin Fei and Weng Ken actually drove to school to search for it (or something like that). And Amy was rather in tears; Lik Wen had a 45-minute chat with her over the phone.

She later called me, and asked, between sobs, if I really had it. I reassured her that I did.

Fuck. What have I done? I can stand the wrath of the entire board, but I daren't look in Amy's face -- the one to whom I brought so much joy and comfort in the evening, but later so much grief by a silly prank.

(I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Forgive me.)

If there are sins that are the hardest to wash away, they are those of a friend's betrayal.


jedibaba said...

The best of us do stupid things at some time or other. Hey look at King David, the man after God's own heart. Duh.
Its a reminder of our need for grace and for Christ.
As Batman Begins tells us, we fall so that we may learn to pick ourselves up and start anew. We fumble, we repent, we learn, we grow, we move on.

silentsoliloquy said...

I've done a lot of stupid stuff before as well. I'm still having trouble knowing when to be serious, and when to joke... well, at any rate, a joke gone wrong is better than a evil plot turned right.

letmebewhoireallyam said...

i'm not backing you up in this. and please do not use that word. no compromising. you know that it's not a good word to use.

leanne said...

ben!!! what have u done! lol okay okay harmless prank turned into ...erm.. yeah i pity the gal. anyway u've punished urself enough i guess. (whats with the f word? sounds so unlike u :p)
expect a letter from me sometime soon k? p.s. i received ur 1st letter hahaha. long story. byee!

Anonymous said...

yup, unlike u Ben. (though i don't know u that long) hence the worry and the SMS. meet up someday ya?