Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can a person have four stomachs?

phak hoe in action, originally uploaded by mincaye.

Now we all know that ruminants such as cows have four stomachs: the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. Professor Tee Shern Ren of the National University of Buffalo Science has confirmed this fact.

(He has also conducted studies on the mastication of grass by the mandible appendages of buffaloes, and the insect-repelling vortice effect produced by their ears. None of these are to be taken seriously by real students of biology.)

The question is as stated above. Anyone who has ever witnessed Phak Hoe eat, will have much reason to suspect that his digestive system is somewhat different from that of the average human being.

In the top-left picture, he is eating his first plate of pasta, the spaghetti bolognese. In bottom-right, he begins his second plate, fettucine carbonara.

The amazing thing is, within 120 seconds, he has finished it (top-right), and moves on to the apple pie (bottom-left). Carbonara is the Waterloo of many a valiant pasta-eater, but here it seems like peanuts to Phak Hoe.

Indeed if we can uncover the secret of his digestive system, I believe the V.I. stands a great chance of winning the Nobel Prize...

(In the centre is a rather unusual shot of Phak Hoe on the phone, taken via the co-driver's mirror of Chiam's vehicle... it was a Honda, but I don't know the model.)

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Anonymous said...

Ooi! Bukannya "four stomachs", "four-chambered stomach!" Aduhai.

Jangan harap dapat A untuk course saya nanti.

- Prof. Tee