Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Great Reversal

reversal, originally uploaded by mincaye.

Yesterday, before heading to the Methodist Boys' School to set up the Convention backdrop, I decided to switch bags with Li-Shia. We then walked from the Form Six block to the carpark.

Wearing her bag in front allowed me the experience, albeit brief, of a pregnant woman's posture. Slinging my bag, on the other hand, made her walk with a slightly lopsided gait.

Here we're standing behind her Wira, which, I must say, sports a very striking metallic blue coat.

Thanks Wilson for taking the picture!

A few minutes later, we boys (me, Wilson, Karthik, Sean and Samuel) had much reason to fear for our lives, for Li-Shia was laughing all the way to MBS...

What's more, the car's underside landed on a bump in the school's compound! We can't be that heavy, can we?


lishia said...

i was laughing all the way?! i don't remember at all...*scratches head*...

Siedne said...

that's a nice pic..portrays ben's true character hehe hahaha. shia-shia looks hyper as usual ;)