Monday, February 27, 2006

Glimpses of the ISKL Forensics 2006

iskl glimpses, originally uploaded by mincaye.

Back again at the International School of Kuala Lumpur for the South-east Asian Forensics Tournament. Here are some pictures of those with whom I crossed paths.

That's Tinesh and Li-Shia with Fang Hai above left. They came to support us, but couldn't make it for the Finals as they chose to attend Sports Day instead.

Miss Shanti poses with Ken Ming, who brought a McDonald's Big Breakfast into the campus on the morning of the second day.

Top right, Mr Scott Anders with me and Loo Ai-Ling. Anders was the Extemp preparation room proctor for the Finals; he gave me my question and kept time. Ai-Ling, the escort, is a Malaysian Chinese who lived in the USA and Taiwan for quite some time before returning to Malaysia.

Jean and Tee Ming came on my request to watch me speak at the Finals. Here they are posing with the Sweepstakes Awards 1st Place trophy and the Rafidah Aziz Challenge Shield, which we won this year.

Finally, the group photo below is a candid shot of the team (or whatever was left of it) pointing at Miss Shanti. Some are supporters, while some members of the team were absent or had gone home by then.

The V.I. contingent, 2006, by event:

Jonathan Siao
Wilson Lim

Duet Acting
Moi Kok Lum & Gustave Oon (bronze medal)
Christopher George & Vivekananda Sukumaran (finals)
Chan Wei Jieh & Yap Wing Tsun (semi-finals)
Richard Yap & Lee Han Sean (semi-finals)

Solo Acting
Gustave Oon (silver medal)
Moi Kok Lum (semi-finals)
Ahmad Farid Zamil (semi-finals)
Ismaail Mathews

Oral Interpretation
Ryan Chong (semi-finals)
Yong Yan Ling
Alexander James Choon
Satbir Singh

Original Oratory
Benjamin Ong (semi-finals)
Wayne Paul Simon (semi-finals)
Surrej Singh
Andrew Man

Extemporaneous Speaking
Benjamin Ong (gold medal)
Jonathan Siao (bronze medal)
Foo Fang Hai (finals)
Wong Ken Ming (semi-finals)

Impromptu Speaking
Benjamin Ong (semi-finals)
Foo Fang Hai (semi-finals)
Wilson Lim (semi-finals)
Jonathan Siao (semi-finals)

Among our supporters and to-be participants were:

Nazrin Shah Ismail
Jeremiah Lai
Chan Li-Shia
Moi Kok Ming
Danny Gan

And some old faces who returned to cheer us on:

Jonathan Mah (ex-orator)
Ho Sui-Jon (ex-impromptu speaker)

Thanks for coming and making it a great year (the V.I.'s best so far) everyone! This is going down in history.

For more information on the tournament, the full results, and also some really cool videos, visit:

(Yes, that's a '1' after the 'www.' Don't ask why; I don't know)


Siedne said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for u guys :D wish I could've come..oh well, another time..

congrats again, u have more reason to beam that smile of yours, hehe.

Leanne said...

congrats ben! :)

silentsoliloquy said...

I knew you could do it! :)

Joan said...

Congratulations! The topic sounds tough, but seems like you did it. :) Can't wait to see the video.