Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Love and Learn

A beautifully tender song by Steven Curtis Chapman, from which I quote an excerpt here.

Please forgive me, my friend. May it never happen again. But if it does, may we also be willing to forgive one another. Thanks for bearing with me.

Echoes of careless words and slamming doors
Are still ringing in the night
I've taken my side and you've taken yours
We're both wrong and we're both right

Once again misunderstanding has turned us into enemies
I will forgive you, will you forgive me?

Love and learn, that's what we will do
Love and learn through the flood and through the flame
This world will turn and the seasons will change
But there's nothing we can't get through
As long as we both hold on to the hand of God and each other
And take a lifetime to love and learn...

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who am i? said...

all is forgiven...