Thursday, March 03, 2005


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A group of four wasps built this nest on a hanging flowerpot in my garden.

Some eggs have already been laid, and some cells even sealed up to protect the young hatchlings.

It was very difficult to get this shot, as the thin leaves grew out over the sides of the pot, and I had to take the photo from below, at an angle so as not to have leaves (the green thing in the photo) in my way.

Really interesting, these creatures.

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aud said...

Cool pic. How big was the nest, hive... er, whatever? It's a very clear photo for such a close shot. Don't particualrly like wasp though... there used to be one nest-thingie(I'm not sure about now)dangling from a traffic light at the pedestrian crossing near my school in Singapore. It was really long and we were quite worried that it might drop on our heads. Oh and one more thing about wasp, try pronouncing its plural form.