Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Could Fall?!

Meehan Streak
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Meehan Streak is frequently sarcastic and subtle, but it has been a long time since I'd read something as thought-provoking as this.

Some say that ignorance is bliss. And in this case, it would seem that the ignorance takes away the fear of the second man.

But we would be quick to point out that fear is needed in order to keep him safe. The first man, in imparting his 'knowledge', is actually doing the second a favour.

Yet I questioned myself, could it be that the second man was actually safer walking without the knowledge of his vulnerability? Awareness of the danger shifts his focus from walking to a cautious fear of the deep fall below.

I found it a most precise and concise snapshot of society today, where certain knowledge has led us not to be bolder in living life, but more paranoid about death and suffering.

Life is now an effort to thwart negative influences, rather than cultivate positive ones such as true goodness. Society today seems more keen on avoiding the fall, rather than walking around the mountain with head held high.

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