Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Father, forgive them"

I just read this on Jessica's blog, though it was writted about a month ago:

sigh. long road to go. the parents thing. yeah, it jus gets better and better, sarcastically speaking. way to go, mom and dad. say stuff to piss me off. or hurt me by saying relly wrong things that u noe are not true. woo hoo. i'm so happy and thankful i've got a**h***s for parents. whoops...did i say that? sigh. i jus feel so mad when i think about them. i feel the need to...retaliate with a bad word. it's kinda hard to do the jesus, thing, especially if they're your own flesh n blood n u have to put up with them every single day. i relly don't know how you did it, god. father, forgive them? i don't know how you killed them with kindness. i'm still trying, god. i'm still trying.

I was very much taken by the phrase "killed them with kindness," which, like all philosophically paradoxical phrases, tugged at some of those rusty strings and cogs in my heart and mind, making me wonder, once again, what is it all about, this God thing?

In sporadic outpourings of passion, writers often strike those rare Olympian notes of inspiration.

For that my gratefulness knows no expression.

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