Sunday, March 13, 2005


Truth Wing
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It was great meeting up with Sivin today at BLC and chatting on the way home to his house, and seeing May Chin and baby Elysia there!

This photo was taken at the Truth Wing of the church, by Chin Hor. (Thanks!) The cross is actually glass, and the light is natural sunlight pouring in from outside... has a rather otherwordly feel, I think.

Anyway, my National Service (NS) stint begins tomorrow, and I will only be back sometime in May. So I do hope all of you keep well, and do continue blogging!

(Please also remember there is a blogger here even though he is unlikely to blog for about 70 days unless there is broadband at camp!)

Have a blessed Easter. In reflection and contemplation, let us remember, now and throughout the year, the meaning of what it is to call ourselves Christians, or 'God-followers,' and what it truly means to carry our cross and follow the Master.

Not an easy call no matter how you choose to see it, and more wildernesses than oases. But God is good; the pillar of cloud still leads by day, and the pillar of fire. He still prepares a Sanctuary in the midst of the desert, and fills it with his glory.

So I look forward to the next two months, a time of challenge, refreshing, meditation and maybe even empowerment. Keep all NS trainees, past and present, in your prayers. Always.


silentsoliloquy said...

Feels different being the one holding the fort back here. All the best, friend.

P.S. On an unrelated note, I find the white turtleneck you're wearing quite interesting. :)

peishan said...

goodluck in ns!! din know u kena. haha