Friday, March 11, 2005

Wilderness Wanderings

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Journeying on in Project C2C:GaL, we are now in the midst of the book of Leviticus. Somehow I find this really apt, because at the moment, I feel somewhat lost.

Leaving the relative security of Egypt behind, I find myself wandering in a desert of uncertainty, unsure of what will come next, or what steps to take, which path to choose. Yet God continues to lead; a cloud by day and fire by night.

I hope to go into NS with an expectant heart and mind, and consider this a time of hiatus, an interval, a selah, a brief pause before I switch to forward gear, a time to reflect on life thus far, and that which is yet to come. Thanks Soo Tian and David!

Sudarshan is right; life goes on. I owe so much to him for daring to be different, and living life on his terms, rebelling against the system, and leaving the path of convention to blaze his own trail. Indeed, I remember telling Yen last year that the SPM was like an encore exam, not the pinnacle of high school life.

Sadly, the education system will never recognise someone like him. Never mind that he is the best philosopher/musician/artist the school has, but if his report card and SPM result slip don't look inspiring, he's nothing much.

My faith underwent many reconstructions last year, and he was one of the most influential factors during that difficult yet awesome period.

Anyway, for the record, I got 10 A1s and a B4 for Moral (that does NOT mean I'm immoral!). It was a timely B that I may not boast, and forever carry the reputation/stigma of being a straight-A student. Come to think, it actually feels good to stumble a bit.

God is really gracious, and I am very thankful especially for the A1 in Bible Knowledge. I barely prepared for it, basically beginning initial study, at most two or three months before the SPM.

But it was a wonderfully intense time of reading and re-reading the books of Luke and Acts in my NIV Study Bible, and yes, The Message! Also read through two Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) commentaries, Luke by Michael Wilcock and Acts by John Stott.

In the end, there was only one theologically-inclined question in the paper; the rest were more memory-based If I'm not mistaken, it had to do with why Jesus healed the way he did, particularly with the lepers. I enjoyed that tremendously.

So I am grateful to succeed where it matters, only that Moral was a disappointment mostly because I enjoy it very much, and somewhere in me, I still want to teach it someday.

Dallas Willard was right about the state of morality in institutions of higher education, in which opinions are highly-prized, and critical thinking is applauded. But they scoff at radicals who actually try to live out these moral codes.

This is only the beginning.

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Yen said...

for merely an encore exam, 'tis a splendid combination of alphabets and numbers! ;P congrats, ben.