Friday, January 27, 2006

An experiment in colour and exposure

experiment, originally uploaded by mincaye.

One of the wackiest things I've done with my camera so far. This was taken in the school hall, during Kian Ti's meeting with a number of class monitors.

Selecting a slower shutter speed (approximately 1-2 seconds), I set the camera for long exposure.

Phon and Kian Ti, standing and sitting respectively, did not move, and so appear as clear subjects. The blurs are the students who walked to and from Kian Ti.

Later, I used the DiMAGE Viewer software (provided as part of the camera set) to 'tweak' the photo a little. Contrast and saturation were increased, and hue set to purple to produce a negative-like quality.

Doesn't look like a school hall, does it?

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