Thursday, May 19, 2005

After Dinner

Petaling Street
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Soo Tian and I had a little fun with the camera after dinner, back at the hotel. In the lower left picture, we took a mirror shot in the lobby toilet; thankfully, there was no one else about!

The photo on top left is a self-shot of the two of us, on the way to Menara Wesley; I'm holding a compass (both of us missed the Wira Jaya navigation activity in NS).

We happened to pass the Petaling Street Feeding Programme area (top right) on the way... memories of d'NA 2004.

But our best experience was probably the encounter with a blind guitarist in the passageway out of the Plaza Rakyat LRT station. We passed him twice, since we had to turn back when we realised we couldn't cut through the station.

Soo Tian suggested that giving him money was more like payment for services rendered than a mere donation. He also pointed out that the man was giving his all: he used what he had (i.e. the guitar) to the fullest (he played well). We realised that often, we who are blessed with a whole body, hardly give anything close to 100 per cent.

On the way back out, we left him with a brief embrace, and took some photos he would never see.

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silentsoliloquy said...

When I looked at my guitar in my room today, I remembered the beauty of the music that that blind man played that night for us, for the other passer-bys and for the whole of KL. Yet many simply passed him by, as they took for granted the soul that he was expressing in those notes, scale runs and chords. I hope to be able to express myself through music like that someday.