Saturday, May 28, 2005

By the wind and the waves (Part 1)

Beach 1
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OK, now to pick up where I left off in the last post. On Sunday, sometime around 3-something in the afternoon, Dad and Kevin (my brother) came to camp to pick me up. We joined my Mum and sister, Sara at the Swiss Garden Hotel in Kuantan.

Basically, we spent the evening and the next morning by the sea, and these are some of the photos I took (some of them deliberate, in order to illustrate some points).

Clockwise, from top left:

1) A timed shot of myself walking towards the sun, early Sunday morning. One of my best 'sun-shots' to date.

2) Being partially engulfed by the waves. The deeper waves are better to swim in, but they get stronger as they approach the shore, so this was taken in shallow water. Besides, the zoom wouldn't have worked as well had I gone too far out.

3) Not a natural shot; I don't do push-ups on the beach! I deliberately did it to sort of link the two worlds of NS and this so-called 'new beginning' after NS. Even though I prepare to enter into a new phase in life, I carry with me the lessons, scars and joys of that which came before.

4) This one is particularly meaningful. I remember a story Max Lucado related in one of his books, about how children build sandcastles, and later leave them to the waves. The joy of building them is to return them to their 'owner' in the end; yet how often do we 'grown-ups' enjoy blessings for what they are, and not something we must possess forever? When did this world become 'ours' and not God's?

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