Saturday, May 28, 2005

By the wind and the waves (Part 2)

Beach 2
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More photos; clockwise, from top left:

1) After spending the morning at the beach, we went for a noon-time dip in the pool. Compared to the taste of sea water, the pool was BLAND with a capital B! At that moment, Christ's teachings about being the salt of the earth suddenly came to mind.

2) My brother and I 'carved' this in the sand. (Generally, there are three kinds of sand: the powdery sort of the beach, the soft kind further out, and the smooth and firm sand that's only uncovered during low tide) This was done in the soft sand; indeed, He was there. Most assuredly, He was there.

3) Until now, I have no idea what the flags at the resort were for, but these four colours (pink and purple brought the total to six) reminded me of the company flags at NS; Delta (Green), Charlie (Yellow), Alpha (Red) and Bravo (Blue); I was in the Bravo Company.

4) Sun-shot on the way home. A success, I daresay, as the trees lining the road prevented any further clear shots of this nature. Maybe it's just me, but I love taking photos of the sun. I think I have some 10 or so in my collection, each with a different story ;-)

And so that wraps up the weekend adventure. But that's not the end of the story. The greatest lesson I would learn (thus far), came four days after my return (a few hours ago, to be precise). I will blog on it within the next two or three days.

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