Friday, May 27, 2005

The Final Days

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So, where have I been these last few days? Asleep. Yes, day after day, I have never failed to fall asleep before I even attempt to touch to computer. So I'm typing this at 6:05 a.m. on Friday, to avoid any possible mishaps tonight ;-)

I'd originally intended to blog this on Monday or Tuesday, upon returning from that long weekend. As I had mentioned earlier, the plan was to stay in camp until tomorrow. However, that was not to be, as my name was removed from the list of trainees.

When I left camp, I'd specified that I wanted to return for the final week. Unknown to me, the maximum duration of a 'holiday' was three days; mine spanned ten. So the administration decided to release me from service, along with the others given exemption for Form 6.

By the commandant's grace, I was allowed to stay overnight, before joining my family in Kuantan the next day. These photos are among the last ever that I took of Pinggiran Pelangi Camp, Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

Clockwise from top left:

1) Saturday night, my friend Priya (SMK Desa Perdana) received news that her 40-year-old uncle had passed away in the evening. Another friend, Soo Zien (St Mary's), was reading this Sidney Sheldon book at that time. The title? 'Nothing Lasts Forever.'

2) Night roll call. My camp has lots of these, about five in a day; this is the first (and last) time I'd observe a roll call outside the line itself. As I watch the 'soldiers' stand at attention, I wonder if we put that kind of spirit into our service in God's army...

3) The morning sun. Whether by design or coincidence (more likely the latter), the entrance to the dining hall faces east, at an angle that allows the sun to pour in beautifully every morning.

4) Sitting by the man-made lake in the afternoon; several metres away from the spot Tee Ming and I shared when she visited; the lake was rather dried-up then, but has since been steadily filling up again.

I must get ready for school now; will continue the 'Weekend Adventure' blog (i.e. by the beach) tonight.

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