Thursday, May 19, 2005

At the Bishop's

Menara Wesley
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Eventually, we took the long way through a Chinese restaurant, past Gospel Hall, and through the Methodist Boys' School. (I missed the shortcut, what with limited visibility on a rainy night).

Meeting with David a.k.a. the Bishop (probably due to his seriousness... or was it because his father is a Methodist pastor?) was something special, as it might be our last time together; David and Soo Tian are leaving for the States some months later, and David won't be attending the upcoming d'NA reunion.

The photos are more or less self-explanatory.

Soo Tian found a most original use for a plastic pipe, placed horizontally across the handles of a door... his hood transformed him into Anakin Sufianwalker, in the duel with Ben (Kenobi) on Mustafar.

Donning Soo Tian's hooded sweater, our dear Bishop embraced the dark side, becoming Darth David. Indeed, I always did think he bore the countenance of Darth Vader, what with his stoic walk and unwavering gaze ;-)

In the apartment, we became ourselves again. David is proudly displaying some of his chess guidebooks (mind you, that's only a representative portion!), and in the lower right picture, we're looking at a cookbook.

But photographs can only do so much. They say a picture paints a thousand words; I wonder how many more words silence can paint. So much of what we experienced, the joy of being together, cannot be half expressed in words nor pictures, and so I will not attempt it.

Part of me remains in that evening... or perhaps, more rightly said, part of the evening remains in me. The part that cannot be written nor captured by any mechanical means -- the part that is immortal and eternal. And for that I am grateful.


Emilie said...

agreed.... sometimes i find it so hard to "blog it out" and even pictures can't help...

but that also amkes me feels blessed, in a way, because i get something, an experience that others don't get, i see something that others were not able to see, hear something someone else didn't and my disability to re-tell it so that someone else may experience it as well, make it's a special blessing for me, only for me....

god is so good....

silentsoliloquy said...

There is always been a special connection for me between d'NAers. Yet on that night I will never forget, the undeniable reality of kinship in the Bond of Love. Thanks Ben for spending the time with me. The walk to David's house was especially meaningful, in ways that cannot be expressed here.